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It’s on sale!

The Justicar on Kindle is now only $0.99. Grab it now at this low price.

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Be careful authors, is a scam. He is in the news today on Yahoo if you want more info. His site is down and he no longer does reviews. Most of these kind of sites are monopolizing on our need for reviews so again, BE CAREFUL what services you purchace.
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3 Great Self Editing Websites

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So as I am on the 7th draft of my book Dead Awakenings.  I am focusing soley on the editing factor this time.  My great friend and fellow author Darin Calhoun, has turned me onto three websites that I find to be extremely helpful in editing.

Grammarly has been a wonderful and in depth website that has a myriad of things it will search your work for.  It gives you an explanation as to why you don’t use that form, and examples as to how to fix it.  The great thing about grammarly is that you can also down load it and import it into microsoft word, so that you don’t have to copy and paste your text into their website.

Editminion is a very easy, free to use website that has no bells and whistles at all. But hey, it’s free!  It looks for 8-10 major editing issues and gives you a log you can print out with all of the items needing to be corrected.  It also tells you your most used words.  In my 148,000 word book Dead Awakenings, it told me that I use the word “That” over a thousand times.  It is my most used word. Which I found to be quite comical!

This is my favorite website.  I think this website breaks everything down nicely and easily into sections, making it easier to focus on certain areas.  For instance, unlike you can choose to skip over the adverb, section and look specifically at the ending in preposition section.  In Grammarly, it goes from the beginning of your writing to the end, skipping from one grammar rule to the next, instead of focusing on just one at a time.

All in all, these are great resources that I think would benefit any writer trying to get their manuscript the best they can before sending off for submission, or to a professional editor!

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Please be patient…

All three of us are now busy on a project. Keep submitting, but understand that it takes a little while to read and then write a review. Once we are finished we will post the review and then look through submissions for our next read. Thank you.

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The Universe is a Very Big Place

The universe is a very big place will be Ronda’s first review. Please follow to keep up to date.




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Michael Vey

Kiley wants me to read this book so this will be my first review. It looks pretty cool.


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Land of Midnight Days

Land of Midnight Days is the first up for review. Kiley will be taking this one so follow this blog to keep up to date.

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Get an editor…

I believe every self published writer needs to have their project looked over by an editor. WHY SHOULD I? In my opinion it would help improve the reputation of Indie writers. Editor’s will go over your story checking for grammar mistakes and suggest ways to improve the overall storyline. They give you tips and tricks to help your story flow correctly. Most of the bad reputation comes from writers putting out crap. Their book is filled with grammar mistakes (mine was full of them so don’t hate) and the flow of the story is choppy. People are scared to buy an unknown because of the big load of crap that’s out there. If everyone that self publishes would have their books checked over by a professional it would break down some of the hype that Indie is garbage. It doesn’t mean you will have a great book, but it can move you toward a better book.



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Self-publishing, destroying the bad reputation.

Gone is the stigma associated with self-publishing. Best-seller lists now are jammed with self-published titles, and traditional publishers hunt online for the next E.L. James (“Fifty Shades of Grey”) or Amanda Hocking (“Trylle Trilogy”). Therefore, many independent authors are no longer interested in signing with traditional publishers, particularly if they have a fan base and pocket most of their cash. It is an appealing prospect, even if, like the majority of self-published authors, you aren’t a breakout success and only sell a few hundred or thousand copies.

Now, writers can digitally format their own books, buy stock photos as covers, and sell them to readers through a variety of online retailers as fast as they can crank them out. The money is pretty good, particularly as a side business. Amazon, for instance, pays 70 percent on books priced $2.99 to $9.99 and 35 percent on anything lower. Smashwords.comwill publish your book for free and take 10 percent of the book’s price. Bigger online retailers, such as Kobo or Sony, take 30 percent. But if you sell only through Smashwords’ store, you retain the majority at 85 percent.

Sky Luke Corbelli likes the immediacy of e-publishing. “If I finish the third book in my trilogy tonight, I can have it up on Amazon by tomorrow,” says the 27-year-old Hayward author of the sci-fi trilogy “The Will of the Elements.” “There’s no publishing delay while I wait for someone to get back to me.”

Amazon reviewers liken Corbelli’s first two books, “Wind-Scarred” and “Water-Seer,” to the works of British fantasy heavy-hitters Terry Pratchett and Piers Anthony — not bad for a full-time programmer who considers writing a hobby. His wife, a graphic designer, provides the cover art and serves as one of Corbelli’s many editors and beta readers. He says he’s so content now, that a traditional publisher would have to offer him “a really, really good deal,” complete with digital rights, to consider giving up control of his work.

“There’s a global market out there that I can reach very easily on my own,” says Corbelli, who, like many self-published authors, increases the price of his books as he publishes them. The first was free, and readers were hooked. The second cost $3.99. He plans to charge the same for the third, “Child of Lightning.” However, he says he doesn’t care that much about money. “More than anything, I just want people to read the stories.”


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Open for submissions.

We are now open for submissions. Please check guidelines carefully to see which one of us to submit to. Follow to keep up to date. I will post which books will be reviewed and a calendar date when the review will be posted.

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