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Review of Land of Midnight Days

Synopsis: 

Hook: 





Comments: Land of Midnight Days was like a wicked version of the Pied Piper. I really like the alternate earth aspect of it. There were cars and technology, but also fantasy characters. The Elwyn are elf like characters and there are human looking characters that hide their true appearance. Basically the hero, a half Elwyn with a magic flute, must rid the city of evil but doesn’t know it at first. His guardian is a brute type of man that abuses him and keeps him down. Jeremiah (the hero) must get away from Ezra (the guardian) to achieve his destiny. He goes on a journey of discovery to find his purpose in life, the music from the flute.

It was a tad hard for me to read and there could have been less tell and more show, but in the end it was a good story. I would recommend it to any YA reader that likes this type of book.

IMO the most important thing a book can achieve is to entertain it’s reader and Katrina Jack entertained me.

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Revolution (It’s getting better)


Yea it’s getting better. I think the pilot should have been 2 hours to get everyone started. Even though it reminds me of Jericho I’m still diggin it. I loved Jericho too so it’s not like I’m giving it a suck status just that it looks a lot alike. Hollywood is running out of ideas because everything has been done before so it would be hard to make any new show that didn’t have some aspects of another show,movie or book.

Also Tracy Spiridakos is a hottie, I’m just sayin…….

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Legend of Anaise (Contest)


Looks closely… are you paying attention? You usually hear these words at a magic show but,

this isn’t a magic show… it’s a CONTEST!

Yes that’s right, we have a contest to see how closely you pay attention when you read** The

Legend of Anaise (below) from the recently released novel “She Wulf” by Sheryl Steines.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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August Synopsis


Here is the synopsis for my new book August, I could use some feedback. If you liked horror books would it make you want to buy it?

Please enter a comment, positive or negative. I would like your real feelings.




If your thoughts became reality what would you do? If you thought about something and concentrated on it really hard…it became REAL! You were only limited by your imagination. What would you change?


August was bullied, beaten and abused by the other kids. Nothing she tried ever changed that she was a target. She found out early on that she had a power she could not explain or control. It manifested when she was angry and it had unpredictable results. Then she met Sara which taught August how to use her power. An angry young lady with the ability to alter reality doesn’t create. She destroys.

The town was in trouble. The lake was on fire and the buildings were collapsing all around. People were running scared, running for their lives. Everyone was running. Everyone accept August.


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Revolution, good or bad?

I liked Revolution on NBC last night,but it seemed a LOT like Jericho. Replace the woman hiding the computer with the guy hiding the nuke and then look at the show again hmm? Do you see it? Weird that they are both black too hmm. Even though they look a lot alike I still will watch it every Mon until it sucks or ends whichever comes first Lol.

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Things have changed

As you can see the name has changed for the blog. My daughter has too much going on to review so I will take over her review. She will no longer be accepting submissions. My wife will complete hers and then no longer accept submissions. I will accept anything but romance and I am not to big on detective or the like. In the near future I will be randomly picking a book from Amazon from the genre’s I like and reviewing on here. I am sorry but real life kicks in sometimes. I haven’t left though and will continue reviewing in between time writing on my new book.

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Tell me what you think


This will be the cover of my new book. What does everyone think?

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Review of Static Mayhem

Synopsis: 

Hook: 





Comments: Okay I gave 3 stars on the characters because of 1 in the book that really annoyed me. The dragon in the story was really lame. He talked with a goofy accent and acted just as goofy. I”m sorry IMO I like my dragons fierce and scary, but its his book so he can have it anyway he wants.

Now for the good comments. (Spoiler Alert)

Okay for the most part I loved the book. It takes post apocalyptic and mashes it together with fantasy. They are 2 of my favorite genres so putting them together was a fun idea.

Its the story of a man trapped in a new world after what seems to be a bomb dropped. Everything is messed up, the roads, the buildings, everything. He meets a pixie shortly after the blast and they become friends. The relationship between the two is heated and kind of weird which is cool to me. He thinks there are no more humans left on earth till he hears a radio program from Chicago. The roads are screwed up so he and the pixie have to make their way by foot, or fly (you know pixie and all) When they get there, they find a group of humans and fantasy type characters (centaurs and such) They are trying to find out what happened to the earth and the fantasy world and why they are now mixed together. It takes them on a journey against an evil force trying to stop them. The evil wants to be free and the only way to achieve it is to make sure the group fails in their quest.

I really liked the story and it entertained me through the entire book. It kinda reminded me of the Xanth series. I would recommend this book just brush off the stupid dragon while you read lol.

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For any of you writers out there I felt this app was most helpful in writing my book.  It also sinks to any computer you get on using Google.

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New Season…

They need to hurry up and put the new season of The Walking Dead back on. (Getting withdrawals (need coffee) At least Revolution will be on next week to hold me over till fall!

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