Review of Land of Midnight Days

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Comments: Land of Midnight Days was like a wicked version of the Pied Piper. I really like the alternate earth aspect of it. There were cars and technology, but also fantasy characters. The Elwyn are elf like characters and there are human looking characters that hide their true appearance. Basically the hero, a half Elwyn with a magic flute, must rid the city of evil but doesn’t know it at first. His guardian is a brute type of man that abuses him and keeps him down. Jeremiah (the hero) must get away from Ezra (the guardian) to achieve his destiny. He goes on a journey of discovery to find his purpose in life, the music from the flute.

It was a tad hard for me to read and there could have been less tell and more show, but in the end it was a good story. I would recommend it to any YA reader that likes this type of book.

IMO the most important thing a book can achieve is to entertain it’s reader and Katrina Jack entertained me.

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