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Act of Valor (Movie Review)


Movie: 


Comments: Act of Valor was a great action movie. What I love most about it is that it shows how brave our soldiers are. It shows them in situations like they would actually be in. They keep our country safe from enemies foreign and domestic. They fight so we don’t have to, they fight so we can enjoy our freedoms. They fight so America can stay the greatest nation on earth and even if you don’t agree with me, you can speak out against me. That’s right they fight so you can say any damn thing you want (Freedom of Speech) Can you tell I have a soft spot for our troops…..In conclusion, this was only a movie, but to me it felt like I was involved. I got pulled in and couldn’t take my eyes off. I give it 5 stars a first for me I don’t give them lightly.


To all our troops I want to thank you for your service. You are real life hero’s!

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A Zombie Tale (Chapter 2)

A Zombie Tale


Steven Vaughn

Chapter 2

The Zombie Dance

Samantha put the camcorder in the closet and hung a note on its strap which read, “To find out what happened press play.” She then closed the door and gathered what was left of her food. She messed up her hair and rubbed dirt on her face and clothes. I hope my theory works. If I look enough like them and act like them, I might be able to get to a car.

She stuffed the food in her shirt and waited till she could no longer hear any commotion outside her door.  It smelled like smoke and she could feel heat on the door. This is my chance. Maybe they will be distracted so I can get away.

Samantha quickly unlocked the door and swung it open. The fire was spreading down the hallway, filling the air with smoke. The crazies dropped on the floor flopping around, trying to gasp for breath. Sam put a towel over her face and made a mad dash for the stairs. The crazies couldn’t remember how to do some tasks like open doors, so she felt that the stairs would be safe.

She closed the door behind herself and leaned against it. The stairwell was free of smoke so she removed the towel from her face. As she took in a deep breath, the smell of burnt flesh from the hallway overtook her and she sprayed vomit across the wall. There was a loud clawing sound on the door and screams of pain echoed through the stairwell.

Sam wiped her mouth with the towel and then forced herself up. She made her way down the stairs looking over the rail for signs of movement. The door at the bottom of the stairs was cracked open slightly, just enough for her to see salvation. A pickup truck was sitting in the grass with its driver hanging out the door. God please let the keys be in there! 1…2…3!

The door creaked heavily as she pushed it open. Several crazies turned too look where the sound came from. Samantha played her role as a whacked out zombie by screaming and running for the truck. When she got to the truck, she started pulling the dead body out of the drivers seat. His foot became logged behind the break and wouldn’t pull free.

Sam yelled, “Oh god please! You got to be kidding me! Arrrrrrrrr!”

Several crazies turned to look at Sam, cocking their heads like a dog. Two of them broke away from the heard and started running at the truck.

“Oh god no! Oh god no!” She dropped the body and the leg made a loud “snap!” She wrestled with the leg, bending it in unnatural positions. It popped and snapped as she forced the foot out from behind the brake pedal.

The two crazies ran faster, their eyes wide open and their mouths dripped with saliva. They quickly closed in on the truck, their arms stretched out in front of them.

Sam threw the leg out of her way and climbed into the cab. She shut the door on one of their hands, crushing it. She held on to the door as best she could while the crazy man yanked his arm trying to free his hand. In a desperate move she opened it slightly and then yanked it closed after the crazy man freed his hand. It screamed in agony while staring at the broken bones protruding from open wounds. Quickly the wounds healed and the bones reset inside its hand. Sam stared in awe, she never seen one heal before.

The two started banging on the truck’s window scaring Sam and bringing her back to reality. She searched the cab for the keys, “Oh god please let them be in here!” The crazies hit the window over and over till it cracked, making her scream out loud. Sam leaned her head on the steering wheel about to cry when she seen the end of a key laying on the floor under the gas pedal.

Quickly she grabbed it and shoved it into the ignition. As she turned the key, the two crazies broke through the window and grabbed her shirt. She threw it in drive and yelled, “Get off me!” as she mashed down on the gas pedal. One dropped off right away but the second one held on tight. She drove through the grass dragging it behind her as her shirt pulled tighter around her arm. It pinched down so tight she started losing feeling.

She turned slightly and aimed right for a small tree. Just as she was about to hit it she swerved and let the crazy man take the full impact of the tree, forcing it to release its grip. Chunks of its skin was imbedded in the broken glass of the window. Sam rubbed her arm as she sped off down the road.

“I made it I’m free!”

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A Zombie Tale (A short story for halloween)




A Zombie Tale


Steven Vaughn

Chapter 1

The Camcorder



Samantha started the camcorder then set it on the table. She walked over to the window and began to speak. “I am watching the sun rise maybe for the last time. The crazies, or what most people called zombies had finally taken over. It was an outbreak of a super virus that took over most brain function, well that’s what the CDC said anyway. Some doctor from Canada found a cure for Alzheimer’s and it was a huge media event.”

She paused while she stared out the window at the mayhem below. The infected walked the streets doing random atrocities. A male grabbed a female by the throat and squeezed till she dropped to the ground. A ten year old child began to bite her leg, ripping the flesh from bone. He lifted his head with the meat bulging from his mouth and blood ran down his neck in erratic red lines.

A single tear ran down her cheek. She wiped it away and then resumed her speech. “It was a tremendous breakthrough, one for the record books. People that took the drug became smarter. The serum actually made the brain repair itself and later on they discovered the body started to repair itself too.”

Crash! A rock hit the window splintering the glass like a web. Sam jumped back from the window and tripped over a chair leg. She bumped the table, dropping the camcorder on the floor. She grabbed it and looked at the front as she got up from the floor.

“Okay, looks like its still in working condition. One of those crazy bastards threw a rock at the window. I don’t think he seen me or else he would probably be on his way up here looking for me.” Sam set the camcorder back on the table and adjusted it so it would show the top half of her body. She brushed her long black hair out of her face and adjusted her shirt which rode up on her from the fall. She was tall and thin with light brown skin, a true surfers body. Her face was beautiful, high cheekbones, perfect nose and light green eyes. She was twenty years old and still a virgin. I saved myself for nothing. Now it looks like I will die a virgin.

Samantha looked into the camera and started to speak again. “It was the super drug to end all other drugs. I read the newspaper three days before the outbreak and it said. The people that took the drug could heal a fresh cut on their body in thirty minutes to an hour, depending on how deep it was. It was mankind’s salvation.”

Samantha dropped her head and began to cry. She got on her knees and looked directly into the camera. She talked to the camera again sobbing as she spoke. “Mankind’s salvation! Bullshit! They pumped the drug out on a mass scale, shooting up everyone like idiots. Shortly after they found out that the ones who were inoculated created a virus in their body. Through common everyday contact it spread. A handshake, sneeze, cough, a kiss, the virus spread like wildfire.”

Sam could hear the crazies running up and down the street. Some would scream at the top of their lungs, while others yelled random words making no sense at all. She glanced out the window of the hospital barely able to see through the cracks. The second floor was the safest she could find in all this madness. When it all started, she took as much food as she could carry from the cafeteria, then locked herself in a room. Maybe this wasn’t the smartest thing to do, but I had no other choice.

She drug her arm across her face wiping away the tears. “It made superhuman crazy people. The virus fried the brain making all that caught it paranoid psychopaths. Their bodies regenerated super fast so the only way to kill them was to destroy the head or heart. That’s why people started calling them zombies. Only 2% of the population was immune, people with green eyes. Well…didn’t I luck out.”

Sam walked over to the mirror and stared for several minutes. She looked deeply into her own eyes, wishing that this was only a dream. The crazies ran up and down the hallway hitting the walls. Sam could hear them fight each other just outside her room. A loud knocking on the door made her jump. I hope the lock holds! She turned and looked at the camcorder once again.

“The scientists couldn’t find out why green eye’s made you immune before the virus took over the planet. There was no cure and so there was no hope. I wonder how many green eye’s still live? I’m sure the crazies killed most of them. If there are any left, I am going out to find them. I leave this video to let people know what happened. Unless this is the end…then it was just a waste of time. My name is Samantha…Goodbye.”

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The Walking Dead

Okay for everyone that watches the show, raise your hand if Hershel scared the sheet out of you when he jumped after having CPR. (Raises hand) Oh yea even though I knew it was coming it still got me. Tonight’s episode rocked, if it was the end of the world, people would have to make hard choices. Choices that in normal circumstances would be insane, I like that they cover that in the show and still try to save some sense of  humanity. This episode gets 4 1/2 stars…..
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Bullies suck!

Someone the other day asked me how I came up with the concept of August. I decided to share with everyone. When I was young I was forced to belong to the Jehovah Witness church. If you know anything about them then you know what I’m about to say if not here is an eye opener. In that church your can’t celebrate your birthday or anyone else’s. You couldn’t salute the flag or celebrate Christmas or any holiday, so you can see I was a popular kid. When I was in school the other kids mocked me and the teachers let them because they didn’t like my religion. The other kids pushed me around and called me Christ hater even though they didn’t know anything about the religion. The bullies smacked me around and did mean things until high school when I quit the religion. I was pretty much branded by then and the bullies loved to pick on me. I started to fight back and once I learned how to fight they got a nice surprise. That doesn’t stop the true bullies though, the ones that like to fight just got a new sparring partner. I didn’t like to fight so they pushed me till I had to. I got into a lot of fights when I was young and it taught me 1 important thing…there is no fair fight only win or lose.

I incorporated those feelings and experiences into the life of August. What she must have felt like and what she would do to cope with the bullying. Then I entered the ability to hurt those that hurt her. What most bully victims wish is to be left alone and if not they wish for some kind of power to punish the bullies. I even took it to the next level and made her hate almost everything and everyone. In the book you can sense the turmoil inside her and so many bad things happen to her there is no coming back. She wants to make everyone pay.

So that’s a little summary of how and why I came up with the story. If you have any questions feel free to email me or put in a comment.

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Review of The Universe Is A Very Big Place by April Aasheim

Synopsis: 

Hook: 






Comments: A good story once you get through the many flashbacks and jumping around. The beginning took extra time to get through because of new characters introduced in each chapter and the frequent flashbacks being somewhat confusing. At times it was hard to follow without reading back over previous chapters to reintroduce a character to memory. Enjoyed the story overall, but took a lot of time to relate to characters and get self involved in storyline.

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Blast from the past



Well that proves it…..I was young once lol. Look at all that hair!!! BTW for those that don’t know me I’m  the one on the left.

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The Walking Dead Returns!



The Walking Dead is on tomorrow. Wait for it…Wait for it…WOOOOHOOOOOOO. Got TEVO waiting to record. I can’t wait to find out who they cast as the governor. Okay all you zombie lovers tell me what ya think of the show. Thumbs up or thumbs down.

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Cover Reveal August by Steven Vaughn


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Review of Cell (by Stephen King)

Synopsis: 

Hook: 






Comments: I read Cell a while back and just wanted to do a review on it. I bought it with high hopes as it was written from one of my favorite authors. It synopsis got me right off, I mean it’s a zombie fest but they are not dead. The people that were on their phone when the pulse hit turned into a mindless walking creature that indulged in anything. They ate anything, including people, did anything and age didn’t matter. Little kids and adults alike, attacked people eating their flesh. They killed each other also, I mean it was glorious mayhem. I thought I was in book reading nirvana, until I got further in. It went from wicked awesome to mediocre. Usually a good book builds you up and slaps you in the face along the way till….BOOM! At the end you put it down and go wow.

This book slapped me in the face almost to the point of real pain then……….dropped to blah. I have never read one of his books and been disappointed so I read Cell till the end. The plot was good, the characters were pretty good but the overall story was (lack for a better word) blah. The end, holy crap, almost made me want to toss it across the room. For me when you get to the end of a story and you have a nagging question unanswered it’s just annoying! Sometimes (almost never)  when a story lets you fill in the blank at the end it works. His short story The Raft did it and it worked really well IMO, but if you read this I will guess it will tick you off also. I give it 2 stars for overall story mainly because of the zombie’ish end of the world hooked me. If it had gone a different way (more like The Stand) then it might have gotten 4 to 5 stars.

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