A Zombie Tale (Chapter 2)

A Zombie Tale


Steven Vaughn

Chapter 2

The Zombie Dance

Samantha put the camcorder in the closet and hung a note on its strap which read, “To find out what happened press play.” She then closed the door and gathered what was left of her food. She messed up her hair and rubbed dirt on her face and clothes. I hope my theory works. If I look enough like them and act like them, I might be able to get to a car.

She stuffed the food in her shirt and waited till she could no longer hear any commotion outside her door.  It smelled like smoke and she could feel heat on the door. This is my chance. Maybe they will be distracted so I can get away.

Samantha quickly unlocked the door and swung it open. The fire was spreading down the hallway, filling the air with smoke. The crazies dropped on the floor flopping around, trying to gasp for breath. Sam put a towel over her face and made a mad dash for the stairs. The crazies couldn’t remember how to do some tasks like open doors, so she felt that the stairs would be safe.

She closed the door behind herself and leaned against it. The stairwell was free of smoke so she removed the towel from her face. As she took in a deep breath, the smell of burnt flesh from the hallway overtook her and she sprayed vomit across the wall. There was a loud clawing sound on the door and screams of pain echoed through the stairwell.

Sam wiped her mouth with the towel and then forced herself up. She made her way down the stairs looking over the rail for signs of movement. The door at the bottom of the stairs was cracked open slightly, just enough for her to see salvation. A pickup truck was sitting in the grass with its driver hanging out the door. God please let the keys be in there! 1…2…3!

The door creaked heavily as she pushed it open. Several crazies turned too look where the sound came from. Samantha played her role as a whacked out zombie by screaming and running for the truck. When she got to the truck, she started pulling the dead body out of the drivers seat. His foot became logged behind the break and wouldn’t pull free.

Sam yelled, “Oh god please! You got to be kidding me! Arrrrrrrrr!”

Several crazies turned to look at Sam, cocking their heads like a dog. Two of them broke away from the heard and started running at the truck.

“Oh god no! Oh god no!” She dropped the body and the leg made a loud “snap!” She wrestled with the leg, bending it in unnatural positions. It popped and snapped as she forced the foot out from behind the brake pedal.

The two crazies ran faster, their eyes wide open and their mouths dripped with saliva. They quickly closed in on the truck, their arms stretched out in front of them.

Sam threw the leg out of her way and climbed into the cab. She shut the door on one of their hands, crushing it. She held on to the door as best she could while the crazy man yanked his arm trying to free his hand. In a desperate move she opened it slightly and then yanked it closed after the crazy man freed his hand. It screamed in agony while staring at the broken bones protruding from open wounds. Quickly the wounds healed and the bones reset inside its hand. Sam stared in awe, she never seen one heal before.

The two started banging on the truck’s window scaring Sam and bringing her back to reality. She searched the cab for the keys, “Oh god please let them be in here!” The crazies hit the window over and over till it cracked, making her scream out loud. Sam leaned her head on the steering wheel about to cry when she seen the end of a key laying on the floor under the gas pedal.

Quickly she grabbed it and shoved it into the ignition. As she turned the key, the two crazies broke through the window and grabbed her shirt. She threw it in drive and yelled, “Get off me!” as she mashed down on the gas pedal. One dropped off right away but the second one held on tight. She drove through the grass dragging it behind her as her shirt pulled tighter around her arm. It pinched down so tight she started losing feeling.

She turned slightly and aimed right for a small tree. Just as she was about to hit it she swerved and let the crazy man take the full impact of the tree, forcing it to release its grip. Chunks of its skin was imbedded in the broken glass of the window. Sam rubbed her arm as she sped off down the road.

“I made it I’m free!”

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