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The next book I will review is Hollowland by Amanda Hocking. I like the post apocalyptic novels and I like the way she makes the zombies as infected instead of walking dead. I had the same idea bet never wrote about it. I have also discovered audio books, if your like me and can’t read for very long because it bothers your eyes then they are for you. I just got a subscription for 1 book a month, but no indie yet. Follow to get updates on new reviews and thanks for all the comments.

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Revolution Season Finale



Hello to all the watchers of Revolution. Season finale was great and left me wanting more. I thought this show was going to be a Jericho clone, but they happily proved me wrong. I love post apocalyptic shows and movies, the struggle to survive and the animal instincts we revert to is mind boggling. So my favorite 2 shows is of course Revolution and The Walking Dead. Okay back to the show…how hard would it be to kill your best friend? They were like brothers and in the beginning Monroe was the good guy. He even tried to stop Miles from killing the thugs. He went from a good guy to stone cold killer. Miles turned from an unfeeling murder machine to a good guy. Its a good script and I love the cast. New season starts next year, I’ll be there.

Okay question time…

What would you do when confronting your enemy and he is also your best friend?

Please leave a comment I would love to hear everyone’s thoughts.

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Revolution (I’m Hooked)


Hello to all the Revolution lovers. Last night wowed me and I can’t wait for next weeks episode. Now that I know the blackout was a weapon and then last night a working factory. Oh yea I want to know! Was it government related or did the crazy head of U.S. defense alone, try to wipe out most of the human race. I will just have to wait……………………Nooooooooo.

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Prometheus (Movie Review)




Spoiler Alert!    If you haven’t watched it yet and want to, don’t read this post


Okay the movie is about the origins of the human race. Where we came from and possibly who we came from. It starts off with the archeologists finding an ancient map that tells them where to find the makers or what they call the engineers.  It takes them to a solar system far from earth where they discover a huge humanoid race that has died. They find out that their DNA matches our own so in fact, they are our makers. Anyway these humanoids made bio weapons that are to be released on earth to kill off our race. Makes you feel all warm and cozy don’t it lol. They find one still alive near the end and he still wants to kill us. The humans stop him from taking his ship to earth and at the end (BIG Spoiler Alert!!!) one of the biological creatures made to destroy earth impregnates the humanoid. At the end of the show out pops an alien (From the movie Aliens)

Comments: Okay I  liked this movie, but I didn’t love it. I really liked the search for the maker theme. The age old question, are we alone in the universe? I liked how they presented it and the visual effects of the movie. I think they left unanswered questions so they could make another movie. IMO they should have answered the main question WHY, why did our makers want us dead. Were we a failed experiment? We we to warlike or self destructive? The lead female character goes to find out at the end. Good movie, but it could have been better.

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New Books for Review

I will be taking on less projects right now as some of you have already seen. My book is consuming a great deal of my time so I will only be taking on a book review if I really love the synopsis. If you can grab my attention and make me want to read it then I will do a review. I’m not trying to be an ass or rude, but if you have written a book then you know how much it consumes you. I will try to get on here and do more reviews (probably mostly TV and movie right now)

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Bad Grammar

I know I have bad grammar and thank god for spell check lol. I apologize if any of my posts are really bad with errors. I don’t do it on purpose it’s just I didn’t pay attention in school like I should have. I have gotten a little bit better ever since I started writing books. My novels have all been checked by a professional editor so don’t worry if you want to read them, they are okay. So sorry again for any bad grammar in my posts.

Okay carry on……

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