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August is Done!





Sorry I haven’t posted much lately. I have been so busy I just didn’t have time, but now that August is done I will have more time. I still have to wait for the chapter edits then a final edit before it can be published. I will finish Gift of the Phoenix as soon as possible so I can give the review, so far it is a good read. Thanks to everyone that follows my blog, to you and everyone else have a great holiday weekend.

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Gift of the Phoenix by Donna Cook



Gift of the Phoenix will be my next review. Check back to see updates and as always…thanks for coming. :)

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August is halfway done!



August is over halfway done. Woohoo! I am still looking at April for publishing but it could take till May. I am really excited about this book and hope everyone enjoys reading it.

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Bullies suck!

Someone the other day asked me how I came up with the concept of August. I decided to share with everyone. When I was young I was forced to belong to the Jehovah Witness church. If you know anything about them then you know what I’m about to say if not here is an eye opener. In that church your can’t celebrate your birthday or anyone else’s. You couldn’t salute the flag or celebrate Christmas or any holiday, so you can see I was a popular kid. When I was in school the other kids mocked me and the teachers let them because they didn’t like my religion. The other kids pushed me around and called me Christ hater even though they didn’t know anything about the religion. The bullies smacked me around and did mean things until high school when I quit the religion. I was pretty much branded by then and the bullies loved to pick on me. I started to fight back and once I learned how to fight they got a nice surprise. That doesn’t stop the true bullies though, the ones that like to fight just got a new sparring partner. I didn’t like to fight so they pushed me till I had to. I got into a lot of fights when I was young and it taught me 1 important thing…there is no fair fight only win or lose.

I incorporated those feelings and experiences into the life of August. What she must have felt like and what she would do to cope with the bullying. Then I entered the ability to hurt those that hurt her. What most bully victims wish is to be left alone and if not they wish for some kind of power to punish the bullies. I even took it to the next level and made her hate almost everything and everyone. In the book you can sense the turmoil inside her and so many bad things happen to her there is no coming back. She wants to make everyone pay.

So that’s a little summary of how and why I came up with the story. If you have any questions feel free to email me or put in a comment.

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Review of The Universe Is A Very Big Place by April Aasheim

Synopsis: 

Hook: 






Comments: A good story once you get through the many flashbacks and jumping around. The beginning took extra time to get through because of new characters introduced in each chapter and the frequent flashbacks being somewhat confusing. At times it was hard to follow without reading back over previous chapters to reintroduce a character to memory. Enjoyed the story overall, but took a lot of time to relate to characters and get self involved in storyline.

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Cover Reveal August by Steven Vaughn


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Review of Land of Midnight Days

Synopsis: 

Hook: 





Comments: Land of Midnight Days was like a wicked version of the Pied Piper. I really like the alternate earth aspect of it. There were cars and technology, but also fantasy characters. The Elwyn are elf like characters and there are human looking characters that hide their true appearance. Basically the hero, a half Elwyn with a magic flute, must rid the city of evil but doesn’t know it at first. His guardian is a brute type of man that abuses him and keeps him down. Jeremiah (the hero) must get away from Ezra (the guardian) to achieve his destiny. He goes on a journey of discovery to find his purpose in life, the music from the flute.

It was a tad hard for me to read and there could have been less tell and more show, but in the end it was a good story. I would recommend it to any YA reader that likes this type of book.

IMO the most important thing a book can achieve is to entertain it’s reader and Katrina Jack entertained me.

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Tell me what you think


This will be the cover of my new book. What does everyone think?

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The Universe is a Very Big Place

The universe is a very big place will be Ronda’s first review. Please follow to keep up to date.




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Land of Midnight Days

Land of Midnight Days is the first up for review. Kiley will be taking this one so follow this blog to keep up to date.

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